Civil Rights

Mrs. Hana with Bpk Juliari Batubara, Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

Greetings in Prosperity for all of us,

The commemoration of the National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) is an expression of gratitude and respect for the success of all layers of Indonesian society to integrate, unite, put aside all differences, imitate the values of social solidarity whose essence is social sensitivity manifested in a caring character, sharing in an atmosphere full of tolerance.

Various concrete actions were carried out jointly, between the Pondok Kasih Foundation and the Government, in the form of the Civil Rights Acceleration Program, the Smart Car Program, and the Distribution of Children's Gift Boxes. Expressing our deepest thanks to WanaArtha Life as our partner who has fully supported this year's HKSN event, May the spirit of social solidarity continue to continue to flare up in serving communities throughout Indonesia. Peace My Country, Unite My Nation, Welfare My Community. 


Hana Amalia

Founder & CEO Pondok Kasih's Foundation

Head of YPK-HKSN 2019 Coordinator

All YPK-HKSN South Kalimantan 2019 team who have worked serving wholeheartedly both in Banjarmasin and those supporting from Surabaya and Jakarta.

I, as the leader of YPK, is trusted to coordinate this important activity, I hereby thank you for the hard work, smart work, sincere work and complete work from all of you.

We have achieved optimal results and even Civil Rights far exceeded the target, and have brought tremendous joy for children in South Kalimantan Province and Smart Cars have helped educate children from various backgrounds and even were asked by the local government to remain in South Kalimantan serve as a model for children's education services.

Until the end of the assignment in South Kalimantan, the YPK Team was very solid and became a good partner for the government and various parties involved. Thank you Mama Hana and Beautiful Mother who have given confidence to us all. May God bless us all and greetings of love for family.


  • Edi Setyono - Civil Rights Coordinator wil. Kab. Banjar and Banjarmasin City
  • Daniel H.K - Civil Rights Coordinator wil. Kab. Tapin and Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency
  • Budi Santoso - Civil Rights Coordinator wil. Tabalong City and Kab. Balangan
  • Eko Kristanto – Support Management
  • Gonsales - Media (Video Documentation)
  • Yishak - Media (Photo Documentation)
  • Rinda - Prayers of Pondok Kasih Foundation
  • Rochamawati - Surabaya Smart Car Coordinator
  • Elisah - Surabaya Smart Car Team
  • Lianto - Surabaya Smart Car Driver
  • Ernawati - Jakarta Smart Car Team
  • Debora - Jakarta Smart Car Team
  • Ray Wondal - OCC Gift Box Volunteers
  • Teguh - Indonesian Youth Hope Team - Jakarta
  • Abay - Indonesian Youth Hope Team - Jakarta
  • Gina - Youth Festival Alumni - South Kalimantan
  • Kholil - Youth Festival Alumni - South Kalimantan

Peta perjalanan LBKS 2019

LBKS 2019 Taking the theme "LBKS Lintas Banua Moves !!!", which is in line with the jargon / slogan of South Kalimantan Province, namely Fighting for the People (to Move). The Lintas Banua LBKS expedition team moves through six stages in a relay, starting on December 14 to December 20 2019.

Stage 01 : Tabalong's District

Starting a cross-border journey, in Tabalong's District The LBKS team has coordinated with the local Dinsos until it finally succeeded 600 birth certificates, 47 marriage certificates, and 500 gift boxes for children in Kab. Tabalong

Stage 02 : Balangan's District

In the second stage, namely Kab. Balangan, located at a point that is quite close to the settlement of beneficiary residents, in droves of residents to attend and enliven this annual celebration, as a result LBKS Pondok Kasih Team, successfully handed over 226 Birth Certificates, 5 Marriage Certificates, 14 Non-Muslim Marriage Certificates and 500 Gift Boxes.

Stage 03 : Hulu Sungai Selatan's District

In the Hulu Sungai Selatan District , Pondok Kasih LBKS Team shared 340 birth certificates, 9 marriage certificates and 500 more gift boxes.

Stage 04 : Tapin's District

In Tapin DistrictPondok Kasih LBKS Team shared 366 Birth Certificates, and more than 500 Gift Boxes.

Stage 05 : Banjar's District

In Banjar District, Pondok Kasih LBKS Team shared 1183 birth certificates, 5 marriage certificates and 500 more gift boxes.

Stage 06 : Banjarmasin's City

In Banjarmasin City, Pondok Kasih LBKS Team Shared 335 Birth Certificates, 45 Marriage Certificates and 500 More Gift Boxes.

Reflection Night with the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs

The night of National Insights reflection with the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs, Juliari P Batubara and wife Grace Claudia P. Batubara in Aulia Idham Chalid, the night was held full of solidarity.

The Minister of Social Affairs, Juliari P. Batubara, is grateful that the series of commemoration of the 2019 National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) in Banjarmasin went well. The Minister of Social hopes that in addition to the success of the activities, the spirit of HKSN 2019 will truly live in the community.

"I am grateful, because the entire series of events such as Cross Boundary Social Solidarity (LBKS) from Stage I in Tabalong to Stage V in the city of Banjarmasin, went well. Apart from the success of the event, I hope that it will actually strengthen the values of Social Solidarity, "said the Minister of Social Affairs.

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