Reason to donate

  1. Helping our colleagues work to be able to continue the rights and justice for the surrounding community and one region.
  2. Making sure every job we do can change their thinking patterns through community development.
  3. Providing free access and making it easier for people to have a birth certificate, marriage certificate, ID card through our civil rights.
  4. Providing a place for the poor, neglected, and abandoned.

How to donate

Support our activities by donating. To donate, please contact the contact below:

Kendangsari II/82 Street,Surabaya,Indonesia 60292
Telp.     (+6231) 8415205, 8439189
Fax.       (+6231) 8414482

One-Stop Community Transformation Center
Graha Pondok Kasih Building
Medokan Keputih 29 Street, Surabaya Indonesia 60111
Telp.     (+6231) 5922324

or via bank transfer:

Rupiah (Rp)
Bank Central Asia Kantor Cabang Utama Darmo
Raya Darmo 5 Street, Surabaya, Indonesia
Nomor Rekening  : 088.381.1817
Nama Rekening   : Yayasan Pondok Kasih
Swift Code           : CENAIDJA

US Dollar (USD)
Bank Central Asia Kantor Cabang Utama Galaxy
Kertajaya Indah Timur No. 37-39 Street, Surabaya, Indonesia
Nomor Rekening  : 788.083.3116
Nama Rekening   : Yayasan Pondok Kasih
Swift Code           : CENAIDJA

* For each donation, please provide proof of donation (can be via photo or screenshot) via our email: for us to make a token of thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

# 1 Will there be administrative costs for donating?

There, In Accordance With Each Bank's Terms. But in the future we will try to have no administrative costs.

# 2 Then what are the benefits of donating at the Pondok Kasih Foundation?

Easy (can use Mobile banking, Internet banking or come directly to the specified bank location) Transparent (Can be monitored in the latest news section which is updated every day and every month) Accountable (There is a feature that updates regularly to donors (under development)).

# 3 Donations that go to whose account?

Will Directly Enter the Pondok Kasih Foundation account.

# 4 Pondok Kasih Foundation Help Promotion ?

Currently we do not provide this feature.