We are thankful to God Almighty who has guided Pondok Kasih in the course of his ministry to outcasts and marginalized people.

God is very generous to meet all our needs. He developed the service first by providing protection to parents, babies and children who do not have a family to welcome them. Then when various crises hit Indonesia during 1996-2004, Pondok Kasih responded by developing holistic services for the poor.

From ministries to scavengers in Keputih, PK services have grown to reach the poor in more than 110 poor communities from 155 groups in Surabaya.

When we worked closely with exiles and marginalized, we soon realized that they not only needed food, clothing, and shelter, but also national identity and civil rights. So we began to organize Mass Marriage regardless of status, race, and religion. These couples can then get their KTP and Marriage Certificate, and their children receive their KTP and Birth Certificate.

In January 2015, we held a Mass Marriage for 5115 couples in Jakarta. Seeing how the granting of a legal identity to its citizens strongly enhances President Jokowi's Mental Revolution, the Minister of Social Affairs appointed Mama Hana as Chair for National Solidarity Day. The climax of this event is celebrated in Kupang, East Timor on December 22, 2015. From East to West, throughout our large archipelago and in each province, together we work to ensure that each individual receives a national identity and civil rights.

Please join us as we pray that with God's help, YPK can continue to help lift the poor so that together we can enjoy a better future.