Mental and Spiritual

Prison's Service

When I was in prison, you visited me.

YPK is working with churches and ex-convicts to serve 22 prisons in East Java. Service to those in prison is also service to God. Our ministry penetrates the prison walls. We also care for their families. We help with their children's school fees, if needed. We provide transport if the family wants to visit the prison. We provide pick-up when they are released and furthermore help them in their transition to start a clean and moral life.
YPK also provides housing if they are rejected and provides job training so that they can live independently.

Youth's Service

Be an example to people,
in your words, in your conduct, in your love,
in your faithfulness and in your chastity.

God has released a young man who previously had
fall into drug addiction and live in darkness. Currently, he this young man has led the team we serve
street youth. Some run away from home, some are kicked out by their families. All feel that their life is unwanted and rejected. They call themselves the P.U.N.K. group which means "Publicly Unnoticed in the Nothingness Kingdom" (No
noticed by the public in a void kingdom). By the light of God, YPK has guided these young people to become productive members in His Kingdom of love.

Children's Service

Let the children,
do not keep them from coming to ME,
because like they are the ones who have the kingdom of heaven.

The cheerful laughter of the children always welcomes the team
teacher. Apart from getting spiritual formation through drama, singing, coloring activities, skills training as well
in school lessons, these children also receive spiritual guidance and character building. We are working to develop
their full potential to make them what God intended them to be.

Transitional Home

For He protected me in his hut in times of danger;
He hide me in hiding in His house.

An estimated 40,000 children are homeless in Indonesia. Family problems or abject poverty force them to take to the streets. Left on their own, their days are often filled with violence and crime. YPK provides temporary shelter, skill training, and loving guidance. for runaway children and street youth.

Samaria Home

For Thou art a refuge for the weak,
refuge for those who are displaced,
protection against storms,
shade against sweltering heat.

They are discriminated against, rejected and shunned. When ex-sex workers (PSK) and transvestites return to society, YPK provides a place for them where ex-psk and transvestites are accepted and cared for with dignity and love, by providing job training, which can be useful for their future.