Founder's Message

The Pondok Kasih Foundation exists to give hope to the poor and needy, the grassroots, and the most marginalized people in society. In the initial stages, the Pondok Kasih Foundation established itself as an orphanage for unwanted babies, orphans, and homes for abandoned elderly women. However, since the 1997 national crisis, we have been challenged to answer the urgent need to communicate throughout Surabaya, therefore, our humanitarian program.

Only by God's grace and provision through the loyal support of our council, donors, staff and volunteers, we have been able to do what we have done, now do, and will do in the future, namely serving the poor in Indonesia from the lips of North Sumatra to the southern part of Papua. We are also grateful that the Pondok Kasih Foundation can connect with important people and institutions in Indonesia and abroad: the central, provincial and local governments, community leaders, religious leaders, community leaders, Islamic boarding schools, social organizations and churches. This makes the Pondok Kasih Foundation an agent of peace, harmony and unity. We invite you to see how God miraculously works to form the Pondok Kasih Foundation for years and catch a glimpse of where we are now.


DR. Hana Amalia Vandayani Ananda, D.Min.
Founder and President of Yayasan Pondok Kasih,Indonesia