Take care of the welfare of the city where you live
and pray for the city to the LORD,
because his welfare is your welfare.

Together with the former Governor of NTT, Frans Lebu Raya.

We don't feel hesitant or embarrassed for serving that community
lowest and smallest. In fact, this is our privilege.
We always serve openly and welcome all parties to work with us.
We serve together with local, provincial and national governments, with employers, NGOs, schools, universities, organizations
religion and the media which then provide a variety
appreciation to YPK.



Together with the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo for the 2018-2023 period

The climax of the event was held at the Holy Stadium in Semarang, with the attendance of about 11.000 students from Semarang and Central Java. The reception hall was filled with displays, exhibition and merchandise from different provinces. It was opened with interfaith prayer, the participants, representing 34 provinces were ushered in procession by magnificent Garuda Pancasila Costumes, worn by winners of Semarang Competition. On the stage, after singing our national anthem, Indonesia Raya, they reaffirmed the Youth Pledge vowed in 1928.
There were different performances of Indonesian Bhinneka Tunggal Ika dances, Little Police, and the Award giving ceremony to the winners of the Project Competition presented during the Camp. There were winners from 5 provinces, namely: Aceh, Riau, West Java, East Java.

Competition winner from Central Java

Youth Festival has birthed embryos of love and reconciliation among the university students throughout the 34 provinces of the nation, waiting for moments of togetherness to multiply that more will love in peace, unity and love to achieve the nation dream together and make Indonesia a model for the world.

Traditional clothes from various regions


Truly, how good and beautiful,
when you live together
in harmony with unity!

It is impossible to serve the poor without cooperating with other religious groups. Over the centuries there have been gaps between religious groups in the country.
Currently we can work hand in hand with other religious leaders in harmony without discrimination.
While serving together, we build bridges of mutual trust, mutual respect with the leaders and their people.

Through relief and empowerment items, distribution of food,
medical assistance, smart cars, interfaith dialogue, and celebration of the big day together, we enjoy the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika in its true meaning.


Mass Interfaith Marriage at Istora Senayan, Jakarta in 2011

To overcome this identity crisis, YPK has started holding its first Mass Marriage in 2001 for 100 couples. The last (8th) and the biggest was in 2015 for 5115 pairs coming from various religions at Istora Senayan Jakarta, which is associated with the National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN). This has attracted the attention of the government, so the Ministry of Social Affairs and Kemenko asked YPK to cooperate in fulfilling civil rights for the underprivileged who do not have an identity in national events such as HKSN and Harkitnas. Thank God, the ease of obtaining an e-KTP has now become a national program.

Mass Interfaith Marriage at Tian Ti Pagoda Surabaya
Interfaith Mass Wedding at Tian Ti Pagoda - Surabaya, Submission of marriage certificates in Kaimana, Papua, Submission of marriage certificates in Kupang, NTT.

In many ways, mass interfaith marriages have been the main program of YPK. SOCIALLY, we have tried to provide for their needs not only in the form of clothing, food and shelter, or empowerment, but also in fulfilling civil rights with a national identity. RELATIVELY, we have collaborated with all groups, from the highest government agencies, to the smallest places of worship, with businessmen, schools, ordinary people, even with the military to reach the entire nation. SPIRITUALLY, we have seen how legalized marriages impact morale, commitment and responsibility towards each partner. Strong families build strong countries.