Since 1991, we have seen God's intervention in the ministry of the Pondok Kasih Foundation (YPK). Although the Pondok Kasih Foundation is now known throughout Indonesia, we are starting to provide services for the lower class of society.

Hana Amalia Vandayani, also known as ‘Mama Hana, founder of YPK, began by serving only one beggar who stood in front of her church. Feeling rebuked by God's Word, which warned that we would be responsible for telling others about God, then Mama Hana befriended the woman and brought her into the church. Inside the church, Mama Hana sits next to a beggar, and God's work in Mama Hana's life has just begun. Sitting on the other side of Mama Hana is a woman named Mrs. Ruth who gives Ms. Hana money to rent a house for the beggar. Seeing this, how much God cares for the poor, Mama Hana's heart changed with a burning desire to help the poor.

Literally translated, Pondok Kasih means the House of Love, and from the first house given to beggar women, Pondok Kasih has provided a home where people who are rejected by society can share the acceptance of God's love. On the basis of people with various needs, then Ms. Hana with a vision given by God to make a home for parents, orphans, recovery of drug addicts, prostitutes, and others who are deemed unworthy of love by the whole community. God also brought many people who have hearts to serve these people in service at the Pondok Kasih Foundation.

In addition to providing a physical home, Pondok Kasih also provides a spiritual home for people to come to worship and mentoring spiritual development for the underprivileged, Ms. Hana starts weekly meetings, at a sports stadium known as Gelora Pancasila. Every week, more than 3000 slum residents come to Gelora to conduct training and receive food assistance.

The Pondok Kasih Foundation then developed its services from orphanages, drug rehabilitation centers, training and education centers, medical clinics, resting houses, water filters for their families in small villages, and many other programs. And partnering with national and international foundations such as; the Indonesian Relief Fund, Samaritan’s Purse, Children's Hunger Fund, Woodland Foundation, International Needs, His Mission, Go Hawaii and many more. Currently our ministry has grown and can bless more than 150 slum communities in Surabaya, cities and provinces in Indonesia.