Smart Car

YPK Surabaya Smart Car

When a person is hungry, his main need is food. Every day the struggle is to survive. For the underprivileged, education is something that is not a luxury
affordable. But without education, their socio-economic life is also very low.

YPK Jakarta Smart Car

YPK provides "Smart Cars", equipped with TV,
which is a mobile library, as a center of education
non-formal education that provides learning to read, write, draw, computers, English, traditional music, health and character building for underprivileged children living in slum communities both in Surabaya and Jakarta.

  • Teach children to read
  • Motivate them to learn
  • Equip them to protect themselves from threats
  • Encourage them to express themselves
    effectively both orally and in writing
  • Provide character training and life skills

To date we have 5 cars serving
20,000 children in Jakarta and Surabaya
every year.

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