Pondok Kasih Kids Home (Orphanage)


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– orphans- poor and rejected children

– out-of-wedlock and abandoned children

– abortion survivors

by providing them with their basic needs (food, clothing and shelter), including loving them and making them family members of YPK.

GUIDING them with spiritual mentoring.

SENDING the skilled ones that they may be a blessing in other communities.




To equip the children with

1. Intensive spiritual nurture.

2. Academic education and skill training that they may develop themselves heading for self-sufficient living.

3. Different skill trainings:

– Music- English

– Computer skill

– Handicrafts

– Sports

– Character building

4. The children are involved in social outreaches–e.g. in food-stuff distributions– to awaken love for neighbors.

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Yayasan Pondok Kasih Kids Home (Orphanage)
Jl. Gayungan PTT 66, Surabaya, Indonesia 60235
Telp. (+6231) 8273250

email: infocenter@pondokkasih.org

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