Visi dan Misi

Vision : Be Peaceful My Country, Be United My Nation, Be Prosperous My People

The establishment of the state of Indonesia that is safe and peaceful, with a strong and united nation in a just and prosperous society.


Mission :

  • Accommodating the outcasts and rejected to get their shelter, preservation, protection and love.
  • Reaching and alleviating community members who live in the lowest level and equip them to become independent individuals and achieve a decent standard of living in the community.
  • Improving the nation’s morale through Integrated Interfaith Mass Marriage and fight for their rights as full citizens of the Republic of Indonesia and burn their zeal to serve God, people and nation.
  • Making Indonesia, as an example of transformation for other nations in terms of harmony and unity based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.



  • LOVE


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