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Hi, Guys! This is the time for you to act as Agents of Change for Indonesia. Do you know how? You can become Volunteers in The House of Love Foundation and serving the underprivileged people. Read this booklet to know further how you can serve them.

Community Development

Hi, Guys! For y’all who are passionate to teach less fortunate kids, we have good news for you. You can choose to teach in PoKa library, Smart Car, Orphanage, and other places.

  • PoKa Library

You can come to House of Love Keputih to tutor the school kids at PoKa Library. You can either choose to give your own materials or to help them with their homework.

Activity Schedule: MONDAY-FRIDAY 2 p.m.-3.30 p.m

  • Smart Car

If you want to experience unusual teaching process, you can choose to teach in PoKa Smart

Car. This Smart Car is like a moving library for underprivileged communities.

Not only do storytelling, you can also teach them how to draw, color, and operate laptops. Besides that, you can also teach them creative materials that you have. It’s gonna be fun!

Activity Schedule: Monday-Friday 11.a.m-4p.m. From Keputih.

  • Tutoring for the Youth

If you are interested in teaching English or computer, you can choose to teach youth communities in Surabaya.

Komunitas Perkasa (Eng)

Monday                               6.30.p.m.

Komunitas Perkasa (Com)

Wednesday & Friday      6.30.p.m

Komunitas Bratang Gede (Eng)

Thursday                             6.30.p.m

Komunitas Sidotopo (Eng)

Friday                                    6.30.p.m.


Community Health

You can help the underprivileged people by your medical knowledge and skills. You can help in underprivileged community’s medical posts.

Community Health welcomes not only you who have a medical background but also all of you. You can help with the food and vitamin distribution in the communities. For you who have a medical background, you can help with the preventive and curative health care. Besides the activities in the health posts, you can also take part in the health gymnastics.

Activity Schedule:

Health Posts: Monday – Saturday 09.00.a.m – 1.00.p.m. From Keputih

Health Gymnastic: Saturday 09.00.a.m. in Keputih

Social Service in outside Surabaya once/ 3 months depart from Keputih


Interdenominational Ministry

This service is fit for you who are passionate to help people through spirituality development. You can be a coach for small groups in some communities. You can also be a speaker or committee for retreats or conferences The House of Love holds.

  • Communities Group Coach

You can be a coach for the prostitutes, Punks, or the underprivileged youth. By being a small group coach, you would have a chance to shape their ways of thinking to have better lifestyles. You can talk to them heart to heart, share your stories or motivate them. Nothing is better than helping personally. Besides coaching in small groups, you can teach the prostitutes’ children (elementary level) with your own creative materials.

volunteer opportunities

  • Speaker or Committees for Retreat

If you enjoy public speaking more, you can submit a proposal for being a speaker for seminars, conferences or retreats. Not only be a speaker for events held by Pondok Kasih, you can also bring your own topics and share them to the communities. You can also take a part as a committee in events like retreats or conferences.

How to become a volunteer:

  1. Fill and send the Volunteer Form below
  2. Please include full complete CV. You may mention your passion/skill that might be useful.
  3. Valid ID Card (scan/ photo. Text might not be blurry)
  4. Your current face photo.
  5. Submit this form along with the other required documents to Kendangsari Office or you may send these documents to



Kendangsari Office:

Yayasan Pondok Kasih

Kendangsari II/82 – Surabaya 60292 East Java, Indonesia.

Telephone: (031) 8415205 / (031) 8439189

Fax: (031) 8414482


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